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ChemCyte is an innovative life science company that specializes in developing and providing products and services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. ChemCyte specializes in nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry with special emphasis on labeled nucleotide for genomic research.

Nucleoside and nucleotide have diverse biological properties. Modified and fluorescent labeled nucleotide analogs provide sensitive probes for studying the structure, dynamics, and interactions of nucleic acids for biochemical research. In addition, nucleoside analogs have diverse therapeutic properties and have been used in medical treatments, including antiretroviral therapy regimens (for the treatment of HIV), anti-rejection therapy for organ transplants, hematological malignancy therapy, and the treatment of nonmalignant disorders, solid tumors, immunologic diseases, and multiple sclerosis.


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New Publication
  • Illustrates how NTPs are utilized during the synthesis of nucleic acids on pre-existing nucleic acid templates, assembling RNA, or DNA
  • Highlights gene expression studies and mutation detection on arrays, microarrays, and in situ PCR, and RT-PCR
  • Describes the structural components of NTP and its modifications
  • Discusses the biological properties and therapeutic uses of nucleosides
  • Details how tracking changes in nucleic acids and nucleic acid complexes are used in cellular and molecular biology research
  • Supports concepts with NMR data and more

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