Custom Synthesis

ChemCyte has expertise in nucleotide chemistry and its corresponding scientific areas. In addition to a wide-array of products, ChemCyte also offer specialized custom synthesis tailored to your individual requirements. We know that existing and forthcoming technologies depend on the availability of tailor-made synthetic compounds of reliable quality and purity, and we will continuously contribute improvements and developments to this field.

ChemCyte's services include development and bench marking of synthesis procedure, complete synthesis & purification, and characterization. All products are well characterized by HPLC and 31P-NMR.

Our customized services offer savings and improve productivity of your business. We provide regular progress reports on all custom work, whether it is against a purchase order or on an FTE basis. We work under strict confidentiality agreements, striving to meet our client needs.

For more information about custom synthesis of synthetic compounds tailored to your specific requirements, contact us at

Services Provided

Custom Synthesis

  • Rapid synthesis of intermediates, analogs, and scaffolds to support your medicinal chemistry studies
  • Scale-up of intermediates, lead compounds, and APIs
  • Isolation, purification, and identification of degradants in APIs using chromatographic techniques, LCMS analysis, and NMR studies
  • Synthesis of drug metabolites and process impurities to support your ADME, toxicology, and mechanism of action studies
  • Designing synthetic routes to support your Fragment Based Drug Design (FBDD)
  • Synthesis of preclinical drug candidates and supplying Technology Transfer Reports to support your Drug Development Program
    • Custom Synthesis of Organic Molecules
    • Synthesis of Small Molecule Drug Conjugates
    • Synthesis of Competitor Compounds
    • Synthesis of Building Blocks and Intermediates
    • Analogs for Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) Studies
    • Isolation/purification of plant Natural Products
    • Synthesis and Scale-up of Lead Compounds
    • Synthesis of Aminoglycosides, Carbohydrates, and Heterocyclic Compounds
    • Synthesis of Organometallic Compounds
    • Synthesis of Fluorinated Compounds
    • Natural Products
    • Steroids and Terpenoids
    • Antibiotics
    • Unnatural Amino Acids
    • Chiral Intermediates and APIs

Process Research and Development

  • Evaluating synthetic routes and design new sequences to optimize or eliminate troublesome steps
  • Following ICH guidelines to fully optimize the reaction conditions, develop a robust process, maximize throughput, and reduce production cost
  • Optimizing purification conditions to minimize chromatographic purifications and replacing them with reproducible crystallization methods
  • Developing reliable analytical methods for In-Process Control (IPC) of intermediates and APIs
  • Performing Proof-of-Concept (POC) batches for the newly developed processes
  • Preparing Technology Transfer Reports summarizing all development studies and analytical data for submission to manufacturing sites
  • Identifying Critical Process Parameters (CPP) for specific projects that are in advanced clinical phases to support clients’ cGMP programs
    • Synthesis of Toxicology Batches or Non-Clinical Safety Study (NCSS) Batches
    • Determination of Critical Process Parameters (CPPs)
    • Synthesis of Process Impurities and Reference Markers
    • Synthesis of Metabolites
    • Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
    • Process R&D and Technology Transfer


  • Rapid scale-up of intermediates, lead compounds, and APIs, following literature procedures or clients’ synthetic routes
  • Scale-up of chemical entities, following newly developed routes generated by process R&D
  • Scale-up of Proof-of-Concept batches

Custom Service
Nucleotide Analogs
  • Nucleoside Monophosphates
  • Nucleoside Diphosphates
  • Nucleoside Triphosphates

Amine Modified Nucleoside Triphosphates with Variable Length Linkers

Labeled Nucleoside Triphosphates

Cyclic Nucleoside Analogs

NAD Analogs

Variable Length Linker for Labeling DNA and RNA

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