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Biotin nucleotide analogs with natural ribose or 2’ deoxyribose sugars, containing modifications in the base, have many applications. Biotin has strong affinity towards Avidin and streptavidin, which can be used in the capture or purification of the Biotin-labeled NTPs by binding to solid support. Other applications include hybrid capture, immunoassays, labeling and nucleic acid detection. Below is an example of hybrid capture as outlined by Wikipedia:

“In March 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Hybrid Capture 2 test manufactured by Qiagen/Digene, which is a 'hybrid-capture' test as an adjunct to Pap testing. The test may be performed during a routine Pap smear. It detects the DNA of 13 'high-risk' HPV types that most commonly affect the cervix, it does not determine the specific HPV types. Hybrid Capture 2 is the most widely studied commercially available HPV assay and the majority of the evidence for HPV primary testing in population based screening programs is based on the Hybrid Capture 2 assay.”

This modification comes either in the form of replacing purine and pyrimidine with similar heterocyclic structure or attachment of linker for the purpose of attaching labels for diagnostics. These Base Modified Nucleoside Triphosphates utilize Aminoallyl linkers, which can facilitate synthesis of labeled nucleoside triphosphates. ChemCyte has synthesized hundreds of base-modified NTPs for clients. We can utilize any desired linker to synthesize for this purpose.

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Biotin Nucleotide Analogs

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