Custom Synthesis of Nucleoside Triphosphates

ChemCyte specializes in Custom Synthesis of of Nucleoside Triphosphates (NTP) with special emphasis on labeled nucleotide for genomic research to provide excellent service, best quality, and low-cost products.

For example, ChemCyte can synthesize these Nucleoside TriPhosphates (NTPs) for you:

  • Amine Modified Nucleoside Triphosphates with Variable Length Linkers
  • Labeled Nucleoside Triphosphates (Biotin, etc.)
  • Cyclic Nucleoside Analogs
  • NAD Analogs
  • Variable Length Linker for Labeling DNA and RNA

These unique class of chemicals are used for the following applications:

  • PCR and RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis
  • Sequencing and labeling
  • DNA and RNA polymerase inhibitors
  • Design of antiviral therapeutics
  • Protein-DNA binding assay
  • Electrochemistry and bioanalytical methods
  • Nuclease resistant siRNA

Custom Synthesis of Nucleoside Triphosphates<br>2-Deoxyadenosine-5-Triphosphate

Nucleoside Triphosphates currently in inventory and available for immediate shipment:

Nucleoside Triphosphates in alphabetical order:

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