Cyanine Dye Nucleotide Analogs

Cyanine Dye Nucleotide Analogs | Labeled Nucleoside Triphosphates

The Sulfo-Cyanine-labeled nucleoside triphosphates are highly water soluble and have many applications. The fluoresce emission wavelength is adjusted by the number of carbons in the polymethine chain. They are relatively insensitive to solvent polarity and pH. These dyes also have high extinction coefficients.

Product Family
Cyanine Deoxyribonucleoside Triphosphate Analogs
Cyanine Ribonucleoside Triphosphate Analogs

Labeled Nucleoside Triphosphates

Synonyms and Compound Categories

Labeled Nucleotide Analogs

Cyanine Dye Deoxyribonucleoside Triphosphate Analogs

  • SulfoCyanine 3-dCTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine 3-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 3-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy3 dCTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 3-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine3 dCTP, Cy3® dCTP; Cy3® dCTP
  • SulfoCyanine 3-dUTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine 3-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 3-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy3 dUTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 3-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine3 dUTP, Cy3® dUTP; Cy3® dUTP
  • SulfoCyanine 5-dCTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy5 dCTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine5 dCTP, Cy5® dCTP; Cy5® dCTP
  • SulfoCyanine 5-dUTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 5-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy5 dUTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 5-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine5 dUTP, Cy5® dUTP; Cy5® dUTP

Cyanine Dye Ribonucleoside Triphosphate Analogs

  • SulfoCyanine 3-CTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine 3-cytidine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy3 CTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 3-cytidine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine3 CTP, Cy3® CTP; Cy3® CTP
  • SulfoCyanine 3-UTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine 3-uridine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy3 UTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 3-uridine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine3 UTP, Cy3® UTP; Cy3® UTP
  • SulfoCyanine 5-CTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine-5-cytidine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy5 CTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 5-cytidine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine5 CTP, Cy5® CTP; Cy5® CTP
  • SulfoCyanine 5-UTP
    • Name: SulfoCyanine-5-uridine-5'-triphosphate
    • Synonyms: Sulfo-Cyanine 5-deoxycytidine-5'-triphosphate; Sulfo-Cy5 UTP
    • Category of Compounds: Cyanine 5-uridine-5'-triphosphate; Cyanine5 UTP, Cy5® UTP; Cy5® UTP

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